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CEU Celebrates National Arts Month with DG Playfest 3

March 17, 2015

In celebration of the National Arts Month, the Centro Escolar University Dramatic Guild (CEU DG) in cooperation with the International Languages Department headed by Dr. Arlene S. Opina and the students from the School of Education-Liberal Arts-Music-Social Work’s (SELAMS) Performing Arts program will stage the PLAYFEST 3: Plays in Foreign Language from February 8-9, 2015 (10 a.m./ 1 p.m./ 4 p.m.).

The presentation will showcase the adaptation of three literary works from the different countries and will serve as a culminating activity for stage directing, stagecraft and art design, theatre management, and playwriting and critiquing classes.

PART 1: “Desiderium”

This is a stage adaptation of the French novel “Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This a story about Frank (Alfio Schmidt, Mr. CEU 2014) who is an adopted boy struggling all his life to meet the expectations of his step-grandparents. He grew up to be a well-educated man and had become a well-known architect. He is married to Christine (Mohsin Sausen) and has a best friend Paul (Francesco Adriano Dulce). Behind all his success, a feeling that has long been kept hidden desires liberation. The secret place, a world of which Frank created together with Peter (Mark Ehlon Haddad) and Theodore (Abdolsamad Mehrafsha), is a world where they will experience truth in fantasy.

“Desiderium” is written by Lollie Marie L. Padua, Ma. Vanessa Jill M. Turabilla, Briane Mariuse R. Donesa, King Louie A. Pineda and Jose Ricardo F. Rentoy. Directed by Andrea Mariana De Leon, Ma. Lynn Rachel Padua and Maria Gracia Katerina Tejada. Stage Management by John Joseph Bungcasan, Elaiza Mae Estrellas and Yoshihiko Mikami. Production Design by France Eimeren Cruz, Russel Ann Daria and Anna Reiya Mae Gonzaga. French dialogue translation by Dr. Joseph Linford Dytan. Dramaturgy by Marjorie Lorico (2011 Gawad Buhay Best Female Lead Performance in a Play).

PART 2: “Taming Mulan”

This is a stage adaptation of the 6th century Chinese poem “木蘭辭 (read as Mù Lán Cí meaning Ballad of Mulan)” Set in the 1970s, Hua Mei Li (Crisella Mae Mendoza) faces the challenges of “Fixed Marriage” which is a very strict Chinese tradition. The Hua family’s matchmaker (Jenina Mae Tsuchiya) seeks help from a fortune teller (Dr. Rosana Lucero, International Languages Department faculty with alternate Jecker Juarez) to know the birth signs compatibility of Mei Li and Xing Shun (Jaro Delos Reyes with alternate DJ Lord Sucat). Xing Shun is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee (Niño Emmanuel Castillo and Paula Rica Fernandez) to whom the Hua family is indebted. Mei Li tells her best friend Kim (Sheena Escobañez) that she is confused into granting the wish of her kind-hearted mother (Prof. Reyjane Calicdan, International Languages Department faculty) and ailing father (Lian Renz Silverio). Soon after making up her mind, Mei Li tells her boyfriend Joseph (Luigi Punzalan) that she is going to marry Xing Shun. With so much fury, Joseph reveals his horrible plans to Mei Li and her family. On their wedding day, in front of the Buddhist monk (Chrel Elis Andaluz with alternate Juan Paolo Padilla), Joseph comes back to ruin the ceremony releasing the warrior in Mei Li.

“Taming Mulan” is written by Maria Gracia Katerina T. Tejada, Joymee Ann S. Visencio, John Joseph V. Bungcasan, Kalvin Rei L. Morales and Dustin Bryant C. Uy. Directed by Karl Nickolai Emerenciana, Jezreel Regidor and Jessica Mae Tsuchiya. Stage Management by Ma. Vanessa Jill Turabilla, Christian Jay Ledesma and Jose Ricardo Rentoy. Production Design by Katrina Denise Ong and DJ Lord Sucat. Chinese dialogue translation by Prof. Josephine Lee. Dramaturgy by Marjorie Lorico (2011 Gawad Buhay Best Female Lead Performance in a Play).

PART 3: “Comedia de la Luna”

This is a stage adaptation of the Spanish poem “Romance de la Luna, Luna (Ballad of the Moon)” by Federico Garcia Lorca. Celebrating their relationship, Alejandro (George Nicholas Magsayo) proposes to Luna (Raflesia Chiarra Bravo). They are very sweet and caring to each other. One night of full moon, Luna kills a man (Geruel Matro), and runs away without telling Alejandro. She goes to the meadow and the Moon (Jamieluz Dela Rosa) gives her the light.  Luna asks the moon what’s happening to her and the moon tells her that she is cursed and the only way to undo the curse is to kill the man she loves. One day, while Alejandro is selling fish at the stall, an old man (Gian Roswell Pelimer) tells him about the mysterious lady who is at large killing men. The old man mysteriously convinces him to hunt for the lady killer and help bring peace to the town. When Alejandro goes for the hunt, he sees a sigbin who turns out to be Luna – Luna purges him but Alejandro refuses. Luna turns into a sigbin again and is in the turmoil of killing Alejandro.

“Comedia de la Luna” is written by Elaiza Mae M. Estrellas, Jessica Mae A. Tsuchiya, Christian Jay N. Ledesma and Yoshiko C. Mikami. Directed by Jalline Pebres and Jezzreel Enon Hayuhay. Production Design by Russel Ann Daria and Christine Mae Precious Pabayo. Stage Management by Kalvin Rei Morales and King Louie Pineda. Spanish translation by Prof. Lucila Almirañez. Dramaturgy by John Keneth Mercado (DG alumnus, DG Auditor SY 2009-10 and Actors Department Head 2010-12).

The production’s Artistic Director is Prof. Jef-Henson Dee, Playwrights Supervision by Wenah Nagales, Production Management by Mariangela S. Pascual, Marketing Management by Precious Claire Dumaya, Activity Chairman Jean Monique Piedad Lights Direction by Kristel Joy Lagonaso and Make-Up by Joseph Kevin Cardona.