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CEU Pep Squad Reclaims WNCAA Cheerleading Championship

March 17, 2015

Centro Escolar University Pep Squad regains their title after being hailed as the WNCAA 45th Season Cheerleading champions during the leagues cheerleading competition held last February 21, 2015 at the Rizal Stadium.

The Scorpion Cheerleaders stood out with their neon pink and white uniforms as they executed breath-taking stunts and mounted statuesque formations. The squad also made a mark on some of the spectators as they were one of the few squads with tall flyers (squad members who are being lifted and thrown in the air).

The CEU’s squad also received the City Lady Award for Best in Gymnastics, and the pixie-haired flyer Jana Lugares, was named as City Lady Best Stunner.

Likewise, all-male group won the 2nd place in the MNCAA Hiphop Competition where they won the 2nd place.

To date, the CEU Pep Squad is preparing for another cheering competition slated this March.