Guidance and Counseling Section (GCS)

The Guidance and Counseling Section aims to help students become more self-actualizing and fully functioning individuals. It assists them to understand and ultimately handle their developmental, emotional, and adjustment needs.

Among the services that GCS offers are the following:

  1. Counseling (Individual/Group)
  • Counseling of students with academic deficiencies (CSWAD)
  • Counseling of students wanting to shift/change course
  • Counseling of students for exit
  • Counseling of students with dependencies or other forms of addiction
  • Counseling of students who are referred /self-referred
  • Conducting Group Guidance/Group Counseling
  • Test Interpretation
  1. Testing (Individual/Group)
  • Entrance Examination (Freshman applicants, Transferees, Graduate School applicants, Foreign Students)
  • Individual Testing (Employment test for Dentistry proper, Doctor of Pharmacy applicants)
  • Group testing (Mental ability test, Battery test, Qualifying examination, Pre-employment test)
  1. Career/Placement
  • Career Counseling
  • Networking
  • Job Referrals (CEU Graduates/Student Assistantship)
  • Alumni Tracer (Employment)
  • Job Hunting Seminar
  1. Research
  2. Special Program
  • Peer Facilitators Program

Other Facilities