Health Services Section

The Health Services Section aims to provide the best medical, dental, and nursing care possible in the school setting emphasizing the preventive, curative and educative approaches and enhanced by an efficient referral system.

It is manned by competent physicians, dentist, and nurses. The medical clinic includes an infirmary with separate areas for males and females.

The Section has the following basic functions:

  • health appraisal through annual physical examinations for freshmen, faculty and non-teaching staff
  • medical and dental consultations
  • emergency care
  • hospital referral system
  • immunization
  • medical assistance for approved activities
  • health screening tests
  • health promotion for the faculty and non-teaching staff
  • health information through READINESS (Relevant Education and Advisories on Diseases and Injuries for Wellness )
  • assurance of a healthy school environment through food and water safety measures and infection control
  • pre-participation physical examination prior to sports fest, practicum and internship
  • promotion of wellness through lifestyle modification, counseling and appropriate referrals.

Other Facilities