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September 30, 2019

Delegates from Centro Escolar University flew to Daegu, South Korea as part of the Global Internship Student Exchange Program last January 6, 2018. They stayed at the Daegu Health College dormitory located near the campus of Daegu Health College (DHC) and participated in activities to experience the Korean culture and traditions in different fields.

On the first and second day, the delegates went to tour the campus of Daegu Health College which included Medical Technology, Dentistry, Optometry and Hotel and Management. Following the initial tour, the delegates were sent to Donghwasa temple, which was a buddhist temple and Seomun Market which was a traditional market in Downtown Daegu. The event hosts also took time to take the delegates to Daegu city day tour which includes the famous, Kim Gwangseok-gil Street, Suseongmot Lake, a man-made lake and Mo-myeongjae Shrine.

During the Internship period, they were assigned to Kyungbook National University Hospital located in Downtown Daegu. The activities included an orientation and was initially set for the day wherein it did consists of assigned professors for each core part of the laboratory and the chief medical technologists. The Blood Banking, Clinical Chemistry and the Pathology Department and Immunization laboratory were shown which were equipped with state of the art facilities.

Overall, it was a memorable experience where lots of learnings, not only in the field of medical technology but also about the Korean culture were experienced which truly inspired the University community to continue doing what we do best and excel in the field of our chosen craft.