Student Affairs Office

To handle general student programs and concerns, the Student Affairs Office initiates and organizes student development and assistance programs and cultural activities; looks into students’ welfare and deportment; enforces rules and regulations on student behavior, discipline and attire; and coordinates/monitors/approves co-curricular and extracurricular activities of academic departments, the University Student Council-Makati (USC-Makati) and recognized student organizations.
The office serves a complimentary function to the formal curriculum helping students overcome impediments to academic achievement by enabling them to acquire and enhance leadership abilities, skills and values, increase their self-confidence, improve self-expression, build their character, strengthen time management and human relations skills.
SAS Office supervises the advisers and officers of all student councils and organizations both recognized and on permit status. It also draws up plans, makes recommendations and undertakes projects that will contribute to the attainment of the University’s vision and mission. Its mission is to empower students to attain their goals towards total development and self-realization by providing them with relevant activities, opportunities and challenges that will make them globally competitive, upright and disciplined individuals.

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