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Tourism Students Learn 'Sustainability’ in Bataan Tour

May 20, 2019

To learn about sustaining the environment and preserving the cultural structures in the Philippines, the first year and fourth year Tourism students of CEU Makati went to Bataan for their annual educational tour last September 22-23, 2018. On their first stop, the students were shown the World War II diorama and some of the handicrafts and delicious delicacies made by the locals at the Bataan Tourism Center.

They also had their side trip to the famous St. Joseph Cathedral or the Balanga Cathedral, where its architectural designs are impressively splendid. Its walls were white and several chandeliers were hung from the ceiling. Behind the altar was a structure painted green with stripes of gold and a statue of Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph.

After an hour drive, they finally arrived at their second stop, the prominent heritage collection of houses in Bagac, Bataan - Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. The excited and amazed Tourism students were assisted by a tour guide in visiting some of the houses that have significance in the Philippine history. Pictures were taken after having a sumptuous lunch meal at  the Heritage Resort as they enjoyed the old ambience of the place.

Shortly after the historical tour, a familiarization tour at the The Oriental Hotel, where they spent the night, was done. The Escolarians had a buffet dinner at the Forest Grill while listening to the modern music vibes of the place. They were entertained by the hotel staff who prepared a local folk dance, a hip-hop dance, and an outstanding fire dancing performance as the show’s highlight.

On the second day of the educational tour, the Escolarian participants attended a seminar on ‘Sustainability of the Oriental Hotel’ conducted by Mr. Reynaldo Carandang Jr., General Manager of the The Oriental Hotel. Mr. Carandang discussed how the hotel management chose not to change the original structure of the houses, but rather improve and find new ways to develop an eco-friendly and sustainable hotel. The two-day educational tour did not only give the Escolarian Tourism students an awesome and unforgettable experience, but they also learned about preserving the environment.