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USC Makati, SAO hold Leadership Training Seminar 2018

May 20, 2019

With the aim to enhance the leadership values, skills, and qualities of the student-leaders, the University Student Council-Makati in partnership with the Student Affairs Office, held its annual Leadership Training Seminar with the theme, ‘Empowering Leaders through Commitment, Passion, and Excellence’ on August 17-18, 2018 at the Student Activity Center, CEU Makati-Gil Puyat Campus.

The seminar aimed to train the Escolarian leaders to become effective contributors to the attainment of the CEU Mission-Vision. The spirit of cooperation and teamwork among student-leaders, a better understanding of their responsibilities, and the realization of how important their role as leaders were the central topics of the leadership forum.

On the first day, Dr. Maria Corazon L. Andoy, Head of the Student Affairs Office-Makati, delivered a heartwarming opening remarks and inspirational message to the participants, giving a glimpse of how the seminar would be beneficial for all of them. A Registered Guidance Counselor and Registered Psychologist, Mrs. Juana Rosa F. Martinez discussed the ‘Embodiment of the CEU-Vision-Mission, Core Values and CEEGA toward Effective Leadership.’ Mrs. Martinez emphasized the importance of the CEU Vision, Mission, Core Values, and CEEGA, and how these factors can be useful to becoming effective leaders.

A dialogue with the Makati Coordinating Council was held in the afternoon presided by Dr. Andoy. The student dialogue aimed to raise awareness of the concerns and issues that the student body experiences which were explained and immediately acted upon.

On the second day, Rev. Father Robert Sablon presided a mass participated by the CEU community. In his homily, Father Sablon talked about ‘Values-driven Leadership,’ which, according to him, was very important when leading a group of people. He added that values are an integral part of leadership. After the mass, Mr. Ralph Jacinto Quiblat discussed the topic, ‘Student Leadership and the New Generation,’ which was followed immediately by the talk of a true-blooded Escolarian, Dr. Edward Jay M. Quinto, an associate professor at Mapua University. He delivered a talk on ‘Agentic Leadership: What is the Role of Communication.’ In his discussion, he stressed the need to fully utilize technology as means of a communicative tool and the specific communication strategies that can aid spreading the message across its intended audience.

In the afternoon of the second day, Mr. John Christopher D. Castillo, a CEU alumnus and assistant professor of Mapua University, led the team building activity with a short talk on what an “Escolarian Spirit” is. It was followed by the team-building proper facilitated by Mr. Cleo Angelo D.F. Guevarra, also a CEU alumnus.

The student leaders from the different department student councils and organizations were tasked to accomplish diverse challenges, one of which was they were not allowed to speak while the team building is happening. After the challenges were conducted, the facilitators later related these to the duties and responsibilities of the student leaders in their everyday lives.

With the Leadership Training Seminar, the CEU Makati student-leaders went home fully armed with leadership strategies, sharpened minds, inspired hearts, and rejuvenated spirits.

Indeed the seminar served as a start off for student leaders to realize the importance of leadership, commitment, passion and excellence.