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Departments & Programs

Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology prepares students to become competent psychometricians and psychologists in clinical, industrial, and educational settings by providing them with a quality and relevant service-oriented curriculum.



To become the top provider of professionally competent psychometricians and psychologists



Guided and inspired by the University's maxim, Ciencia Y Virtud, the Psychology Department is committed to providing a relevant curriculum for all students in various degree programs of the University

Distinct Features

  • PACUCOA Level II reaccredited status
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • An intensive practicum training program
  • Equipped with spacious psychology laboratory with wide-ranging test materials for the students' exposure to psychological assessment and training

Academic Programs



The graduates of Bachelor of Science in Psychology should be able to:

  1. discuss and analyze the major psychological theories and concepts;
  2. apply the methods of psychological inquiries and develop lifelong learning toward building knowledge on local culture and context;
  3. utilize psychological theories and methods in personal and professional settings;
  4. administer and interpret psychological test results, analyze cases, and identify appropriate action and intervention in various settings;
  5. value professional and ethical behavior in research and practice;
  6. construct and develop questionnaire items for purposes of psychological assessment and research; and
  7. enhance self-reflection to develop empathic and effective communication that promotes harmonious interpersonal relationships.



  • Human Resource: as a psychometrician, personnel assistant staff training and development, labour relations staff and other human resource management related occupations 
  • Business: as customer relations, management trainee, marketing researcher, sales representative, advertising agent, public information officer, administrative assistant, and other management-related occupations 
  • Research: as a research assistant for a psychologist at hospitals, universities and research institutions 
  • Teaching: as a college professor in universities, pre-school teachers 
  • Social Services: as a community relation officer and mental health worker in non-government organization agencies which provide mental services to patients

Deans and Academic Heads

Mrs. Angelina A. Villanueva
Program Head, Psychology Department
[email protected]

Centro Escolar University
Legazpi Village Campus
103 Esteban Street, Legazpi Village
Makati City
(+63)2 8893-2461/69 loc. 122

Faculty Profile


  • Gornez, Gemma Rosemarie M.

Master of Arts in Psychology

Centro Escolar University

AB Psychology
Philippine Normal College


  • Pacayra, Eva E.

Master of Arts in Psychology

Centro Escolar University


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Centro Escolar University


  • Pilao, Sonia Janice L.

Master of Arts in Psychology

Centro Escolar University


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Centro Escolar University


  • Villanueva, Angelina A.

Master of Arts in Behavioral Science

Centro Escolar University


Bachelor of Science in Psychology/ Certificate in Proficiency in Tourism and Travel

Centro Escolar University


  • Villanueva, Jean Marie I.

Master of Science major in Psychology

Centro Escolar University


Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology

Philippine Christian University


  • EdukCircle
  • National Center for Mental Health
  • Philippine Mental Health Association

Laboratories and Facilities

Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology Laboratory provides the venue for the hands-on practice and application of psychological principles for Psychology majors. The laboratory provides flexible space and can be transformed according to the course requirements and the user’s objectives, i.e. psychological testing, the conduct of experiments, observations, group dynamics exercises, simulation of counseling sessions, demonstrations, mini-seminars, conferences, or workshops. A one-way mirror facilitates observation and feedback of learning.

Department Scholarships

Various scholarship programs are available to qualified students, be they entering freshmen or continuing students. Freshmen may avail of a scholarship, which is renewable upon fulfillment of certain requirements. In addition, continuing students may apply for scholarships funded by the University itself, alumni and friends of the University, and some corporations with interests in the University.


The University also provides financial grants to students who participate in extracurricular activities such as extramural, membership in the choir, leadership in student councils, or other similar groups.


Only one scholarship or financial grant shall be enjoyed by any student. In case a student is qualified for more than one university scholarship or grant, he/she may avail himself/herself of the higher or more generous grant.

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