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CEU School of Law and Jurisprudence Yields New Lawyers

20 December 2023

Centro Escolar University Makati’s School of Law and Jurisprudence produced new batch of lawyers as announced in the 2023 Bar Examination results by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.


Eighteen Escolarian lawyers have successfully conquered the bar examination and proven their true mettle and dedication to the legal profession. They are Atty. Flordel Alejandro, Atty. Hagen Bang-Asan, Atty. Sarah Mae Bogador, Atty. Louie Anthony Bruan, Atty. Iona Ashley Bulaon, Atty. Ken Gen-Sen Chua, Atty. Jay Dedicatoria, Atty. Abigael Derecho, Atty. Vance Ivor Escaro, Atty. Vida Marie Genilla, Atty. Zyrem Eunice Lacdao, Atty. Donna Ramirez, Atty. Ninya Sarena Saquilabon, Atty. Angelique Solis, Atty. Iris Anthonniette Sunga, Atty. Mark Jerome Valdevieso, Atty. Christine Joy Velasco, and Atty. Nizzane Vico.


This stellar lineup of Escolarian lawyers have successfully navigated the rigorous challenges of the bar exam and emerged victorious, earning their esteemed titles.


As they embark on their legal careers, these graduates will carry with them the values instilled by CEU—a commitment to justice, integrity, and service to the community.


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