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CEU Makati’s Superman, Eugene Marc Cera III, bags Teacher of the Year Award

2 March 2022

Mr. Eugene Marc Cera III, an avid fan of the Justice League’s Superman, bagged the Teacher of the Year award of the 19th CEU Quality Awards last November 20, 2021. It is a recognition of his outstanding achievement in teaching, research, and community service.


As he is fondly called, Sir Marc or Sir Gene is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree program from CEU Manila and passed the Pharmacy Licensure Examination at age 19. Then below the eligible age to practice Pharmacy, he accepted a teaching job in a nearby school to teach Pharmacology and Microbiology. After two years, he worked in a hospital while taking up his Master of Science in Pharmacy degree. He had a classmate in graduate school who encouraged him to apply for a teaching position in CEU Manila. After passing the teaching demonstration, he was assigned to CEU Makati, where he started teaching on November 21, 2007.


Among those motivating him to succeed in his teaching career is his enjoyment of his work. This is shown in many ways in how he engages with his students. He always looks for something new and explores other means to improve himself and his craft. Being able “to do what I wanted to do” drives him to succeed.


As a Master of Science in Pharmacy degree holder, Mr. Cera hopes to finish his doctorate in Pharmacy that has been put on hold by the pandemic and forced him to return to his province. However, his rural retreat for almost two years made him very excited to see his students and co-teachers, once again, in a face-to-face setting. All of these made him realize the value of each person he has encountered. He also sees himself with his own business in the future.


Mr. Cera recognizes and appreciates the contribution of all his mentors to what he has become and what he has achieved. Some of whom are his colleagues now (undergraduate to graduate school). He puts the best practices he has learned from all his teachers and improves on them. He, of course, admitted that difficulties were present and that not everyone was pleased with his teaching strategy. But he considered everything as a learning process and that he too is a work in progress, taking all comments, whether personal or professional, as constructive criticisms.


Sir Marc shares that to ultimately succeed, one needs to listen. He acknowledges with humility that “It’s good to be reminded, it’s good to be advised.” When asked for advice, he shares the best that he knows and has worked for him. He also added that continuous improvement of oneself is necessary for all professionals.


Mr. Cera also works as the Internship Coordinator of the Pharmacy Department and is the adviser of the CEU Makati Dramatic Guild. Indeed…a SuperTeacher!

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